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Who we are

We Are

The company has a Zero Tolerance Safety Policy & maintains, ensuring that their customers gain maximum productivity without incidents or injuries.


A leading force in the contract mining industry with a strong corporate identity Isambane Mining’s strategy is geared to the client, offering a reliable and high level of service.


  • Establish and maintain the company as a leader in the Crushing, Screening and Transport industry
  • Conduct our business in such a manner to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for all our employees and contractors
  • Encourage creativity and innovation
  • Achieve growth and profitability through the highest possible performance standards and the lowest operational costs
  • Respond positively to the ever changing needs of the market
  • Promote the preservation of the environment
  • Expand the company’s earning capacity on a profitable basis


  • To conduct business with steadfast integrity
  • To achieve and sustain growth in earnings to prevent shareholders with a competitive return on their investment
  • To maintain sound financial strength to support the growth objective of the company
  • To respect the dignity and human rights of all employees
  • To practice financial prudence
  • To acknowledge and satisfy the realistic needs and aspirations of employees through progressive personnel practice
  • To maintain a high standard in the area of workplace, safety and health
  • To dedicate itself to a clean and healthy environment


  • Isambane Mining strives to conduct its business with a total commitment to our customers and their requirements
  • We define quality as conformance to our customer’s needs, both internal and external; and conformance to all quality requirements
  • In order to achieve this goal, we need the co-operation and effort of the entire Isambane workforce. We must function as a team in our efforts to give the customer what they want every time
  • We are dedicated to achieving the highest degree of customer satisfaction

We will achieve this by:

  • Knowing who our customers are and what they want – through open communication
  • Understanding the requirements of our jobs and the systems that support us – through training and education
  • Making continuous improvement a part of every day and every job – through the use of team participation and measurements


  • Establish clear health and safety targets across the Company to enable performance to be measured.
  • Maintain an effective health and safety management system in the Company.
  • Raise employee’s health and safety awareness, and provide training so that they can safely carry out their responsibilities.
  • Minimise health and safety incidents.
  • Promote the adoption of health and safety management practices by the Company’s contractors.